Relationships Needing Repair

March 01, 2019

This is a special process I created that is often imperative to re-establishing positivity and harmony in your relationships.  It goes beyond clearing each person's negative programming, which is also a contributing factor to ailing relationships.  But this takes the healing a step further.

A relationship is the joint or collective energy field of two people, a person and a pet, or a person and a business.  Whenever you are in a relationship with someone or something outside yourself, a joint energy field is formed.  (You can even have a relationship with "cleaning house," or "washing dishes," or "exercising"... and this process works for all those kinds of "relationships" as well.)

The joint energy field between you and another person always collects all of the thoughts and feelings of both people in the relationship.  When either or both partners direct negativity towards the other, that negative energy often stays within that joint field, and creates discomfort and separation between the two people involved.  The only thing that can make it go away is by clearing the programming of each partner that caused the negative energy to appear in the first place, AND by clearing the energy field of the relationship as well.

There are 3 parts to clearing the field of the relationship:  

1) The negative energy within the joint field needs to be dumped or removed;  

2) The spin of the energy needs to be changed.  [Due to excessive blame by one or both of the partners, the joint energy field can spin backwards, in a negative spin.  The direction of the spin needs to be changed to re-establish peace and harmony within the relationship. ]

3) The energy field of the relationship needs to be unwound.  [Whenever an individual gets stressed, their energy field torques and gets all wound up, creating the feeling of being ill-at-ease and stressed.  This can also happen to the collective field of two partners in a relationship and these torques in the energy field—I have seen TRILLIONS of them—need to be energetically unwound!

If your relationship is in trouble, you may want to request this special clearing!