Research on the Health of Our Colons

June 19, 2007

I love doing intuitive research.  I have learned to “tune in” to a Higher source of information, and when I pose certain questions, I get answers.  I have been doing this for years and have come to trust the answers I receive.  I use this skill in my work all the time to help people deal with their various issues.

I have been aware that a healthy colon is important, but I decided to look at the issue more closely.  We had just come across several products to detoxify and normalize the colon, so I wanted to see what the actual benefits would be from using them.  On a scale from 0 – 10, 10 being a “healthy colon, unclogged, free to function normally,” I asked where most people’s colons are.  I got:  2.3.  Here is the rest of the information I received:

With a clogged colon, you experience:

— a deeper state of fatigue

— a poor or hampered ability to eliminate toxins from the body

— a deep desire to not be in or disconnect from your body because of the unpleasant state caused by the clogged colon.

— an ever-increasing subconscious “death urge”

With an unclogged colon that is free to function normally, you experience:

— more energy at a deeper level

— greater ability to eliminate toxins from the body

— a strengthened desire to be in and be connected to your body

— a growing feeling of vibrancy and an increase in your life force

— a greater ability to be present and enjoy life more

When I asked about the use of the specific products, here’s what I got:

For most people, 4 to 5 weeks on Daily Detoxification, the Pro-Biotic formula, and the Sterol-Max Sterols, the colon can be restored to a perfect “10” or “normal functioning.”  The Detox formula frees up the colon and gets rid of toxins, the Pro-Biotic formula puts the good bacteria back into the colon, restoring and normalizing intestinal flora.  The Sterols help restore the colon (and the whole body) to normal functioning.

After the colon is restored to normal, you no longer need to take the Detox formula and the Pro-Biotics every single day, but more like twice a week for the Pro-Biotics, and the Detox formula once every 6-7 days.  The Sterols are so wonderful for the body, giving the body the “fresh” nutrients it needs, you’ll want to continue taking at least 2-3 capsules per day ((2 for smaller people, 3 for larger people…in the morning on an empty stomach works best), as a regular part of your health regime.
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