Suggestions for Living Safely in a High-Tech World (If you don't have a REJUVENIZER)

June 20, 2017

Before you read this, please understand... I created this list many years ago, but have done my best to update it over the years. At this point, many of the suggestions sound ridiculous, e.g., how can I "avoid going to places that broadcast WiFi signals" since they are everywhere? At the time I wrote this, they were only in a few places, as more of a "luxury," rather than the norm.

Please remember, though, I do have a fix for all these energetic challenges we face, but reading the list will help you to understand all that we are up against in our high-tech world. I have been "standing on the rooftops" for over 30 years now, shouting, "People, these frequencies.. they're not good for you!!!" And they have just increased more and more with time.

Reading this list, however ludicrous and impractical it may sound at this point, will help you become poignantly aware of the unbelievable mass of toxic frequencies that saturates our air and bombards us daily. With increased awareness, you will be more inspired and empowered to find a viable solution for you and your loved ones.


1. Make sure you don’t have any photographs of you or anyone else on your refrigerator. Also, do your best to make sure your loved ones don’t have any photographs of you on their refrigerator.

[Your life force is actually contained within your photograph. Putting someone’s photo on the refrigerator places the person in the electromagnetic field of the refrigerator, and that negative energy is continually being broadcast to them. In my research, this adversely impacts the blood and bones of the person receiving the energy, weakening their constitution over time.]

2. Don’t post your picture (or the pictures of loved ones) on your computer or on the web... or have it printed on a mouse pad, or coffee mug that could get put in the microwave oven. This would include storing your or loved ones' photographs on your smart phone (which is just like a computer).

[Same thing here. Even a digital image contains your life force and putting your photo on the computer (or other electric or electronic device) means you are in constant contact with the electromagnetic radiation from the computer (or other device) which weakens your life force, your immune system, and has the same deleterious effects on the blood, bones, and constitution of the person receiving the energy.]

3. Avoid frequent air travel. [Also avoid putting your drivers’ license or passport through the X-ray machine at the security checkpoint in airports, for the same reasons in #1 above.]

[Each time you pass through the security device at the airport, you get zapped big time. The negative frequencies lower your body’s own physical energy, along with the energy of your subtle bodies. This makes you tired in the moment, but also, over time, puts an incredible amount of wear and tear on your body. Over time, this leads to increased depression and feeling like life has no meaning or purpose, along with more frequent digestive disturbances.]

4. Avoid frequent cell phone use. Don't give up your land line.

[Cell phones definitely heat up the brain and create major disturbances in the normal functioning of the brain. If you have the cell phone up to your head all the time, or even a lot of the time, it doesn’t give the brain a chance to heal and normalize itself. The greater the cell phone usage, the greater the risk. Definitely avoid wearing a bluetooth earpiece all the time as many people do. This is one of the most energetically hazardous things you could ever do to yourself. It weakens you in numerous ways—from exposure to the frequencies it picks up to the negative field that battery in it generates—both happening right next to your brain!]

5. Minimize your use of electronics.

[Most people have all kinds of electronic devices in their homes, which increases the damage they sustain from exposure to electromagnetic fields. Portable phones increase the frequencies in the air (and near your head), as do TV satellite dishes. WIFI (wireless internet) is probably the worst, as it broadcasts frequencies throughout your entire home, 24/7. We live in such an intense soup of electromagnetic fields and frequencies, it would be advisable to minimize your use of the devices that radiate them.

[P.S. You may want to avoid many of the coffee shops and retail establishments that offer WIFI for their customers’ use. Also, you may want to avoid downtown areas in many cities that now blanket the entire area with wireless internet frequencies!]

6. Limit your computer use to 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of rest.

[This will at least allow your body to recoup to some degree, before you put yourself back in the heavy electromagnetic field that computers put out. Sitting in front of a computer all day or all evening without a Rejuvenizer is definitely wearing on your system, because of the intense energy of the computer.]

7. When you use your microwave oven, stand more than 1 1/2 feet back from it. Also, avoid opening the door and putting your hand in for at least 4 seconds after you hear the beep signaling your food is done.

[Within 18 inches of the microwave oven, you are definitely being affected adversely by either the electromagnetic field of the device or by stray microwaves coming off the oven if it’s not sealed properly. It takes at least 4 seconds for the microwaves to dissipate completely after the machine goes off, so it’s best to avoid sticking your hand in the oven during that time.]

8. Avoid using a GPS system in your car or on your person.

[Although helpful to find your way around, being near a GPS system surrounds you in more damaging frequencies and is definitely hazardous to your physical and subtle bodies.]

9. Avoid being in buildings that contain satellite dishes, like bars, some apartment buildings or hotels. Unfortunately, this includes hospitals too.

[Satellite frequencies are very hard on the subtle bodies, and ultimately on the physical body. So, do your best to not get sick, so you can avoid hospitals!]

10. Get out of any neighborhoods or even cities where you have major TV or radio broadcasting going on.

[Many people who live in the city where they’ve been broadcasting “Radio Free Europe” are now coming down with cancer, years later. People in a suburb of Rome, where the Vatican has been broadcasting since the 1950’s are now dying from cancer.]

11. Unplug your TV when you're not using it.

[Most TVs are “instant on” and so there is a low level of electromagnetic field that it is radiating from it, even when it is “off.” Also, when you have cable TV, there are many unwanted negative frequencies coming into your house that you can eliminate by unplugging the TV.]

12. Avoid using broadband services (i.e., high-speed internet), WiFi (wireless internet) and bluetooth.

[The frequencies coming through your computer from broadband connections are extremely detrimental, as are the frequencies from WiFi and bluetooth. They produce irritability, depression, and negativity within everyone in your home or office, and weaken everyone's subtle and physical bodies over time.]

13. Avoid watching TV with a remote control in your lap or hand.

[The remote control has a battery in it, and anything electrical, electronic, or battery-powered will weaken the body’s natural energy field. You want to avoid holding or coming into contact with batteries as much as possible.]

14. Avoid getting a membership card where your photo is permanently placed next to a magnetic strip.

[Magnets placed on or near the body, even via your photo, are detrimental and weaken the body’s energy field and ultimately the physical body.] 


Once again, although some of these recommendations don't seem very practical in today's world, this is my best advice to you on how to be as healthy and safe as possible. Just know that the Rejuvenizers have been programmed to deal with all the above challenges, so you can safely enjoy and participate in today's high-tech world without concern.