The Energetic Effects of HDTV

December 18, 2007

I have known for awhile that looking at an HDTV screen didn’t feel good.  I preferred my analog TV, a dying breed of television.  I found out that the analog frequencies moved in a “curved wave” fashion, and when they hit the brain, they didn’t feel bad.  On the other hand, the digital frequencies coming from an HDTV are jagged and pointed, not at all smooth like the analog ones, and when they hit the brain, they actually hurt, at a subtle level.Of course, people are so excited about the clear, crisp picture that comes with an HDTV, they are totally unaware of this deep “pain” being inflicted upon their brains as they watch images delivered to them digitally.  I am probably one of the few people in the world who wants to keep their analog TV as long as possible!Unfortunately, my 215 pound Sony (analog) TV just went on the fritz. Dare I somehow transport it to the TV repair place, get a new picture tube for a thousand dollars, and then somehow, transport it back to my house?  Or is this the time to make the leap into our current HDTV technology?  I decided to intuitively “research” the downside of digital broadcasting to see if I could perhaps initiate a “fix” with my Rejuvenizers.  Here is the “info” I received:


1) The HDTV digital frequencies disrupt how the brain operates.  The brain does not operate in digital sound or visual bytes.  It is “wholistic” in its functioning, and the information coming at it is “in pieces” that it needs to assimilate.  The brain has to work overtime to make this happen.  If watching TV turned you into a “couch potato” before (and it did because of all the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) coming off the TV), it will REALLY make you tired now. Watching HDTV will now make you tired BOTH because of the EMFs coming off of the TV (since it is an electronic piece of equipment), AND because your brain is working harder to assimilate all the information you are taking in.

2) The HDTV digital frequencies make the eyes have to work in ways that are not natural to them.  The eyes feel the “pain” that comes from getting hit by the jagged, pointed frequencies, and it makes our eyes lose their ability to focus clearly over time.  In other words, the frequencies weaken the eyes and their ability to see clearly, with continued digital TV use.

3) At a very subtle level, the HDTV digital frequencies trigger “feelings of death” in a person, because of the unnatural way they hit the brain, eyes, and body.  It’s as if some part of us knows that we are willingly putting ourselves “in harm’s way,” by sitting there and exposing ourselves to a constant barrage of these harmful frequencies for minutes or hours at a time.  In other words, some part of us actually feels like we’re dying while watching digital TV.  When you feel like you’re dying, you become less motivated to do other things in life.  Your energy and enthusiasm wane, and you find yourself becoming more and more sedentary, with less and less of an interest in participating in life.  See what I mean by becoming “even more of a couch potato”?

4) You become more separated from your true Spiritual Self, the more you watch TV that broadcasts digital frequencies.  All high-tech particles, from EMFs (that come from all things electric, electronic, or battery-powered) to wireless internet frequencies, break up the energy between the higher chakras, and form fragmentations of energy that have a life force all their own.  These fragmentations (called, “density life forms”) coagulate just above the 7th (spiritual) chakra, and block the influx of spiritual energy.  The more a person is exposed to high-tech frequencies, the more they become disconnected from their Higher Self and their natural intuitive abilities.  (The Personal Rejuvenizer heals such fragmentation and restores a person’s energy field to normal.  Many have reported feeling more intuitive and spiritually connected after only a week or so of having the Rejuvenizer.

5) HDTV also has a major negative impact on the human glandular system.  The glandular system is a communication network that regulates basic drives and emotions, promotes growth, controls body temperature, assists in the repair of broken tissue and helps generate energy.  The digital TV signals “switch off” the proper functioning of a significant number of glands, including the pineal, pituitary, thymus, adrenals, and pancreas,

The pineal gland rules aging, brain and sleep function.  Many people have trouble sleeping, just from the constant exposure, over the years, to the digital signals coming off the computer. (These have a similar effect, but not on the scale of watching HDTV, since there is a lot more “information” coming at you from the TV.  However, if you watch movies on your computer monitor, then all the ways HDTV affects the body would apply to you as well).  Of course, many people are also aging faster, but this is hard to see, since you can’t compare yourself to what you would look like if you didn’t live in a world in which you’re exposed to all these damaging frequencies.)

Here is the big question I asked my “Higher Ups” (guides):

Can I put healing and protective functions into the Rejuvenizers to prevent ALL the above damage from watching and listening to digital frequencies?

The answer I received:

To heal, repair and normalize the damage that most people have sustained will take at least 15 to 20 months, but it can be done.  To protect from any further damage and make TV watching safe, you need to add many additional functions to the Rejuvenizers to accomplish this, but yes, it can be done.

So as of this post, the healing and protective functions have been added to all appropriate Rejuvenizers (Personal, Circuit, Pet, and Cell Phone) to protect and repair damage from the above problems caused by viewing the HDTV digital frequencies.