The Uplifting Nature of Your Personal Rejuvenizer

May 18, 2015

We just finished participating in the New Living Expo, in San Mateo, California, and I had four amazing experiences with four different people coming to our booth to check out our Rejuvenizers. All four were down or depressed in some way. You could see it on their faces. A couple of them looked sullen, irritated, and not happy. The other two felt stuck in some way, like they were unable to feel joy. And this also showed in their facial expressions and demeanor. Interestingly enough, all four were wearing “some kind of device” that was supposed to help them in some way.

I am not in business to speak negatively about anyone else’s devices, but I am here to help people as much as possible in their quest for physical and spiritual well-being. I could tell, with all four people, that something “wasn’t right.” I gently urged them to remove the device that they were wearing and put it aside for a moment. Then I asked them to hold one of the Personal Rejuvenizers while we were talking. They were all willing to participate in the experiment.

Within seven minutes, everyone of them visibly changed. The two “sullen and depressed” women started smiling, and a twinkle came into both of their eyes. It was as if they had come back to life. They shifted from being in a very dark place, to a much lighter one. It was amazing to watch. I felt like I had just saved two souls!

The other two people were a couple, and I did the same procedure with them. After a short time of wearing the Personal Rejuvenizer, the woman had tears well up in her eyes. It turns out, they were tears of relief. She felt like she was being freed from a burden that had been upon her, that had been bringing her energy down and making her feel stuck. She, too, had a certain look of joy in her eyes that had not been present there before. And funny enough, I found out later that her partner had held back his “tears of relief” until he got home, and then he had the same experience.

The Personal Rejuvenizer neutralizes the depressing energy you feel by being hit by tons of negative electromagnetic fields and frequencies daily, and raises the frequencies of all your subtle bodies, so you “get higher” and feel lighter from wearing it. The uplifting effect is tangible. I would never promise, “This will happen to you within the first seven minutes of wearing it” (in fact, we give people a 60-day moneyback guarantee!). But, this is what happened with these four people, and the uplifting nature of the Personal Rejuvenizer was quite apparent.

After you wear yours for a while, you may “get used to” your new, uplifted place, so you may not continually be aware of how much it is helping you and raising your subtle frequencies. But if you take it off for two weeks (which I don’t recommend!!), you will see how depressing it feels to get hit by 300,000 damaging frequencies per minute once again, and then you will know the truth about how much it is helping you. I suggest just trusting the process and keeping your Personal Rejuvenizer on, but that is one way to remind yourself of what it’s doing for you