Trying to Get Better, But Feeling Frustrated with Your Results?

September 23, 2015

As those of you who know me are aware, I am always researching how to improve the human condition and how to truly become all that you have the potential to be. This includes your physical health and well-being!

I have a few clients who come to me periodically with the experience: “Nothing is working for me.” There is usually a lot of subconscious programming that accompanies such a belief, based on many lifetimes of experience, such as, “Nothing can help me,” “I can’t get healthy here,” “I am doomed to have a life of poor health,” etc. The good news is that all of this programming can be cleared.

So here is today’s discovery that explains a lot! I found out that some people have 40,000 to 90,000 “negative entity-like things” that have merged with their etheric body during some past incident of trauma or shock to the physical body. This can occur during a car accident or other kind of traumatic event where the physical body is suddenly blind-sided and gets hurt in some way, even during past lifetimes!

The sudden fear and negative emotion that gets generated from the experience “shoots out” from you, and, reinforced by your negative programming, can pull in these “negative entity-like things” who then merge with your etheric body, and stay there… until someone is able to rid you of them! Bottom-line, once this happens, you get to be right about your negative beliefs, that nothing works for you and you can’t get healthy here!

The etheric body, although energetic in nature, impacts the physical body directly. The etheric or subtle energy body surrounding the physical body, is actually the blueprint for the physical body. This means, in essence, that whatever happens to the etheric body, happens to the physical over time. If the etheric becomes damaged, the physical follows suit. You could call this “metaphysical law.”

Everything in the subtle energy field eventually manifests into the physical body! This is why the Rejuvenizers are so important.. because they protect and repair the subtle energy field from damage it has sustained due to the bombardment of high-tech frequencies, and this, in turn, allows the physical body to normalize and repair itself.

I also discovered that a person can have “negative entities” merged with other subtle aspects of the human anatomy, such as the subtle pineal or pituitary gland, the subtle adrenal glands, or the subtle digestive system. When this happens, it energetically disturbs the normal functioning of the physical organ or system, and you might feel like you’re aging faster, become stressed way too easily, or have more trouble digesting your food than most people seem to have. Having these entities cleared and repairing the etheric body, along with clearing whatever negative programming you might have that attracted the condition, will allow the physical glands, organs, or systems to come back online and function normally. All of this can be done with my “Telepathic Healing” work.

There is a “Cosmic Timing” for everything. Sometimes you have to live with these conditions and experience life from a certain perspective until you are ready to have all this transformed. Often I see that people have been carrying such entities, along with these accompanying problematic health conditions, for many lifetimes, and it’s only now that they are ready to get relief.

Healing and transformation will come your way when you are open and willing to have such an experience. Sometimes past skepticism or negativity can hold these conditions in place, and it’s only with “true surrender” or “Grace” that you will allow yourself to be open to the help you seek.

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