The Program Plus

{Note:  All reviews for Phyllis'  Full, Private,"In-Person" Session are equally relevant here, as the same exact work is given, just in a different format.]

This is Phyllis’ next "Budget Special" Program—to clear your negative subconscious patterns more quickly, helping you to feel lighter and freer over time.

"The Program Plus" starts with a "Full-Session Mini," giving you 12 weeks worth of clearing, followed by mini-sessions every 2 weeks during the 12-week span.  The charge for "The Program Plus" is $80 a month for the 3 months of clearing.  After the 3 months is over, we check in to see if you would like to do another round.  

The price on the website says $80, but "The Program Plus" continues for 3 months and can't be given for just one month.  We are simply allowing you to pay for it over time, to help you with your budgetary constraints.  Your credit card will be charged $80 at the time you begin "The Program Plus," and then will be automatically charged $80 per month, in the following two months.   Read more... 

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